This Accelerator Programme is designed for agribusinesses of various stages looking to design or improve their existing business models for better operational activities, access to new markets and the creation of a bankable business plan for better access to funding. The accelerator programme makes use of the Inclusive Business Toolkit designed by the Inclusive Business Accelerator Global. The use of this toolkit provides participants with very practical, tailor-made and strategic approaches to analyse their business models and make improvement where necessary.

Participants will go through a business development trajectory full of workshops. These will be facilitated by expert consultants who will also provide coaching services to participants to ensure successful implementation of output from workshops. Participants will also benefit from strategic networking and access to technical assistance from a well resourced network of experts.

The Accelerator programme will run from October 5 – December 7. At a cost of: GHC 2000.00 with flexible payment structure.

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