The Issue

Many different agribusinesses in Ghana struggle to scale their operations to a fully-fledged business structure with automated processes, quality control and other relevant business aspects. Many of the different (donor-driven) agribusiness projects and initiatives in Ghana tend to focus mostly on the supply chain or on finance, whereas a focus on the internal business dynamics of the company could prove to be the key for true change in the SMEs operations.

At IAC, we believe in inclusive business; which means the entrepreneur includes the community in their business model as consumers, entrepreneurs or staff. Inclusive businesses tend to have a higher social impact, and an improved long term commercial sustainability of the company. 



Our Focus

Industries are constantly changing, so a clear business strategy is important to avoid being left behind. We help you identifying the gaps in your business model and help develop a plan for nessesary adjustments and improvements. This will lead to improved operational efficiency, access to new markets and access to finance.

At IAC, we give attention to building the capacity of the entrepreneur and the staff. Our services are centered around the business model canvas; a tool that allows you to analyze your business in just one page. 

Whether it is marketing, operations, or costs, we have a tool, skill, experience and network that can help you grow your business.